Putting Wellness First

New Check In & Store Procedures

We will now begin limiting how many patients are allowed in the store at one time. We will allo five patients in the store at a time, one person in the vestibule, and we will have a line forming outside of the store. please have your ID’s ready to show at the front window. In order to reduce exposure, we will not be handling anyone’s cards so please hold them up at the window so we can check you in. If you have to use the ATM, please do so before you come to the registers and begin checking out.

With limited people allowed in to the store at one time, we will be asking patients caregivers to decide on one person to come in and shop. This way there will be a spot available for another patient to come in.

Please expect a small wait with the new check in process, dress for the weather, check our menu while waiting, and keep a good distance between each other in line. Also, if time allows it, try to make it to an ATM before coming inside, the less surfaces touched the better and safer Mindful will be!

Patients have been doing a great job placing online orders, let’s keep it going! If you aren’t feeling well, place an order online and let us know in the notes you would like to have your ordered received at curbside pick up. Make sure to give us a call at 630-519-1300 when you arrive so we know which car to go to. The less amount of time spent in the store means less exposure to other patients and our Mindful staff!