Current State of Medical Marijuana

Flower_GTI_Pre-98-Bubba-Kush Medical marijuana is paving the way to possible legalization of cannabis.

Marijuana has been a hot topic of conversation recently but for years it has been an illegal substance with a Schedule 1 classification, the same as heroin. Currently  legal in twenty five states across the U.S. but only for recreational use in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska. It appears as if the conversation around marijuana is shifting at a federal level. Over the weekend the Democratic party’s committee drafted language to support the legalization of marijuana.  The focus is  on declassifying marijuana from a schedule 1 drug and supporting ‘policies that will allow more research on marijuana, as well as reforming our laws to allow legal marijuana businesses to exist without  uncertainty’ reported the Washington Post.

Having a  major political party’s platform  support the movement to legalize marijuana is a huge step forward.  In the midst of an election year there are other states that will be voting on marijuana. California will  vote to legalize marijuana for recreational use this November. The classification of marijuana as a ‘schedule 1’ drug reflects the negative connotation surrounding cannabis. Those who oppose it fail to acknowledge the benefits derived from it.

Research is helping shape the discussion

Due to its schedule 1 classification there is limited research on marijuana. This could all change as the laws around marijuana are overturned. Research that has been conducted  is shedding light on all the benefits derived from the consumption of marijuana. A  recent study  found  states who legalized medical marijuana saw a drop in Medicare part D  spending which covers the cost of  prescription drugs.  There are studies that demonstrate cannabis oil can help prevent Alzheimer’s, and  children with epilepsy. With the marijuana laws changing around the country more information will be made available to the public and allow for research.





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