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#MedicalMonday Cannabis Topical Types


Help finding the right topical for you. Photo Credit


When purchasing a cannabis topical  it can be overwhelming with all the options available. Cannabis-infused lotions, salves, oils, are absorbed through the skin to help with pain relief, soreness and inflammation. Cannabis topicals are non-psychoactive and a great choice for those looking for relief without the effects other cannabis consumption methods bring.  Here’s a breakdown of the different cannabis topical kinds available, best usage, and what to look for when choosing the right one for you.


This cannabis topical option works best for general pain. It is easier to spread across larger areas of skin and provide the added bonus of containing moisturizing ingredients leaving your skin feeling smooth and nourished. It does tend to be less concentrated than salves or balms.


If looking to treat intense pain  salves are a great option. Applying it directly to the affected area provides targeted relief since it absorbs quickly. Most options are easy to apply and mostly mess-free.


Helps with fast relief in areas that need a little extra attention like feet or elbows. Perfect to use for a medicated massage targeting affected areas. Remember to wash wipe hands after using to avoid getting the oils near your mouth or  eyes.

Lip balms

Most are meant to treat chapped lips, with winter months around the corner a great cannabis topical to have in your medicine cabinet. Look for options that contain peppermint or your favorite sent.

Bath salts

Just like regular bath salts cannabis products on the market target all-over pain relief. Easy to use just have to add to a hot bath. When needing a little extra TLC or looking for a deep sleep this is a must.

There are so many cannabis topicals available and everyone is different. It will pay off to spend time trying different types to see which works best.

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