Cannabis Benefits

Obtaining Cannabis Benefits Without Smoking It

Smoking is a a popular way to consume cannabis and derive cannabis benefits.  New products  in the market are expanding  cannabis consumption methods. There  are various of  ways to obtain all the benefits of cannabis without the byproducts of smoking.  Consume cannabis  in its many shapes and forms in  the following ways.

Ingestible Oils

This is any cannabis concentrate that are taken orally. If dosage is important this method  is best.  Allowing for  right dosage every time. For easy dosage try Cresco’s Capsules 1:1 ; helps provide consistency. 


In the same way you can trade out smoke for vapor as an alternative.  Cannabis benefits are  achieved at much lower temperatures anyway, in contrast to the high temperatures of smoking.  For connivence Nature’s Grace has disposable vaporizers in different flavors: Tangerine is a patient favorite around here. Also, consider investing in a vaporizer that allows for the consumption of flower. Most vaporizers are meant for wax or oil. 


Essentially infused liquids cannabis compounds  extracted through an alcohol soak method. It’s consumed by placing the tincture right under your tongue. Reaching the bloodstream immediately, this is the  fastest acting-method. Looking for a tincture to  try patients love PTS’s Tincture with Agave Honey, the easiest way to obtain cannabis benefits. Tinctures also have the added benefit of being discreet without incriminating odors.


Infused balms and lotions containing different cannabis compounds. Typically topicals do not produce a  psychoactive effect, so technically you will not get high. But its perfect for treating soreness, pain, and inflammation. Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Free from GTI  (70mg of CBD) provides targeted relief.


Almost any cannabis infused food falls under this category. Commonly  infused through  cannabis butter or cannabis oil. Specifically, dosage is very important when consuming edibles. Arguably,  it can be easy to get higher than you’d like using this method.  Mindy’s Hard Sweet Candies in Key Lime, Apricot Peach or Strawberry help tackle any sweet tooth while  providing all the benefits of cannabis.


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