Cannabis Revolution Televised

The cannabis revolution will be televised

Cannabis Revolution Televised

The cannabis revolution is happening on the small screen. The time of ‘stoner flicks’ movies that  perpetuated the ‘stoner’ stereotype is finally changing. Characters that use cannabis are finally real, complex, and three dimensional.   Highlighting a  larger shift in public perception. In 2016 a Gallup poll found 60% of Americans  support legalizing cannabis in some form. This is just the beginning, normalizing cannabis is a great hurdle. To fight  against the strong  stigma that surrounds both cannabis and those who use it .

Cannabis on T.V

Last  fall  new shows  premiered  giving viewers  new cannabis smoker narratives.  HBO’s High Maintenance chronicles the adventures of a cannabis delivery man. MTV’s  Mary + Jane  two friends with their or cannabis  delivery service. Viceland’s Weediquette an educational documentary series  covers everything from veteran’s use of cannabis, to ailments THC is curing in children. Viceland in particular is leading the charge to normalize cannabis. By balancing informational and entertaining cannabis programs. All these representations of cannabis use among different demographics is  chipping away at the negative views of the plant. The amount of shows revolving around cannabis use in the mainstream media will only continue to grow.

The Cannabis Revolution

Currently  cannabis  is  legal in some form across the country in  29 states  & D.C. Cannabis has garnered momentum, many states like Vermont discussed  legalizing  adult cannabis use. The market is booming with new companies springing up catering to the various needs of cannabis smokers. In states that have legal adult use like Denver you can take a rolling class; to roll joints and sushi. Some in the  culinary world are also embracing the industry allowing for the love of food and cannabis to meet.

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